Global MedKit

As a first responder, you need to provide assistance quickly and accurately.  Having a clinically and logically assembled medical kit to assist you is imperative in emergency situations. 

The standard in onboard care, the MedAire Global MedKit includes equipment and medications for responding to common medical concerns and life threatening incidents.

A Safe & Easy System to Use

Intuitive layout

  • Simple to locate what you need quickly
  • Bags are colour-coded for quick identification
  • Components are packed in logical treatment order
  • Each bag is clearly labeled regarding contents
  • Response-style medical bags are easy to carry to patients

Thoughtful packaging

  • Vacuum extraction reduces overall size by up to 40%
  • Individual components are vacuum-sealed for extra protection
  • Expiry dates are reprinted on easy-to-read labels for extra patient protection


The MedAire Global MedKit is available for crew sizes of 10 – 40.  

Ask your account manager for additional details on products, dimensions, and recommendations for your upcoming itineraries.

MedAire Global MedKit: Cat A and Cat B      

These kits meet and exceed MCA specification MSN 1768 when the Global OxyKit is included.  

  • Medicines Pack
  • Trauma Equipment
  • Vacuum Splint Set  
  • Leg Traction Splint (KTD)
  • Sam Sling – Pelvic Traction Device
  • Heart Attack Test Kit
  • Malaria Test Kit
  • Blood Pressure: Aneroid Monitor
  • Wound Management
  • Emergency Fluid Management
  • Medical Manual

Supplement: Global OxyKit

Advanced Airway Management, two oxygen cylinders, a regulator, and a variety of masks and delivery options, including an asthma nebulizer and medicine.