Medical Kits & Equipment

MedAire’s best in class medical kits include equipment and medications for the most common and life threatening incidents by maritime medical experts and based on our years of experience handling at sea medical incidents. Our world class kits are developed to be used in conjunction with 24/7 medical advice and assistance from MedAire’s MedLink.

A Safe & Easy System to Use. A Safe & Easy System to Trust. A Safe & Easy System to Maintain

As a first responder, you need to provide assistance quickly and accurately.  Having a clinically and logically assembled medical kit to assist you is imperative for any type of medical incident.

  • Components are packed in logical treatment order.
  • Bags are color-coded for quick identification, and clearly labelled regarding contents.
  • Response-style medical bags are designed for carrying to patients
  • Medical bags are made from water resistant materials.
  • All individual components are vacuum-sealed for extra protection at sea.
  • Vacuum extraction also reduces overall size of kit by up to 40%.

MedAire medical kits are reviewed and updated annually by MedAire’s multi-disciplinary Product Review Board, made up of senior medical industry experts, who meet to consider regulatory revisions and new (or less expensive) medications on the market as well as incorporate feedback from our clients, instructors and doctors. So you not only comply with regulations, but you can also be confident you have the best medical equipment and supplies onboard.

Medical Inventory Management (MIM)

Included with the purchase of the Global MedKit is the Medical Inventory Management (MIM) module, a comprehensive onboard medical inventory management system housed within the Sea to Shore app. Using MedAire’s MIM module, you can locate supplies and react quickly to a MedLink doctor’s medical recommendation, ensuring your crew and guests receive early and accurate treatment. The module also helps track upcoming expirations, stock replenishment needs, medical treatments and medications prescribed.

The MIM module exceeds all aspects of medical data management required by international maritime standards.