Expert Remote Assistance

MedAire's 24/7 Remote Medical and Travel Safety Assistance

As part of your membership you will have 24/7 access to MedAire’s MedLink, a global medical and travel safety helpline for routine and emergency events.

One call to MedAire’s MedLink connects you to doctors, nurses, paramedics, security experts, multilingual coordinators, crisis experts, and air and ground logistics personnel ready to assist on any minor medical and travel safety queries, as well as major unforeseen issues and emergency events. 

The Best Possible Care

MedAire is here to ensure your crew and guests receive the best care possible. Whatever happens, wherever you are, we are here to help you.  

 As a MedAire member, you have unlimited access to a team of experts and travel safety resources to assist you:

  • 24/7 access to emergency-care doctors and nurses specialising in remote maritime medical assistance, expert security specialists and general travel assistance wherever you go, whenever you need help. 
  • Detailed travel advice regarding destination and at sea medical and safety risks.
  • Crew guidance on appropriate medical treatment.
  • Best-in-class global network of accredited providers, translators, in-country legal referrals, and more
  • Arrangements for medical evacuation and repatriation.
  • Monitoring of patient’s medical condition during recuperation.
  • Data-driven case reporting.
  • Sea to Shore app and MedAire Member Portal for 24/7 access to medical and travel safety risk mitigation advice.
  • Assistance away from the yacht including assistance with visa extension, getting vaccinations, replacing lost credit cards, and coordinating travel arrangements for a patient’s family members.

How It Works

One phone call connects you to help. Thousands of health and safety incidents occur every year on yachts including illness, trauma, accidents, natural disaster, crime and violence. For more than 30 years, MedAire has been there to help. 

  • Logistical Expertise: MedAire’s customer care specialists provide rapid, professional support as your first point of contact when you call MedAire.

  • Medical Excellence: MedAire’s doctors are expertly trained to handle remote maritime emergencies and have the most experience in the industry. Our MedLink center is located within the emergency department of a Level I Trauma Centre, which provides the highest level of surgical care to trauma patients. It has a full range of specialists available 24 hours a day to assist you.

  • Security Excellence: One phone call connects you to MedAire’s team of 200+ global security experts from International SOS and Control Risks located around the world to assist you wherever you may travel. Whether it be crime, violence, political or terrorist activity that impacts your travellers, our security team has the regional and local expertise and resources to provide help quickly.

  • Provider Network: We have over 80,000 accredited providers in our global network to assist in the event of a medical or travel safety emergency. Rest assured all providers must meet our proprietary and credentialing process with rigid protocols, site surveys and annual evaluation initiatives.