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Maritime Global Response Centre (MGRC) Service

MedAire’s MGRC serves as a 24/7 emergency shore-side point-of-contact for receiving messages should crew or guests onboard a subscribed vessel find themselves in distress.

Upon receipt of an e-mail or phone call, MedAire will follow a pre-determined call cascade to the shoreside contacts until an individual on the list is informed of the ship’s emergency.

The MGRC complies with the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) code which requires military, commercial and private ships, as well as port facilities, to take preventative measures and report all security threats affecting international trade.

As part of the ISPS code, the IMO also established the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) XI-2/6 Ship Security Alert System (SSAS) regulation, which requires all ships over 500 tons to provide a covert ship security alert, identifying the ship, its location and indicating that the security of the ship is, or has been, under threat. The system allows crews to activate an alarm button that automatically sends a message to the ship owner and to competent authorities.

Should a crewmember or guest onboard the vessel contact the MGRC in the event of a medical concern, MedAire will provide expert advice via their staff of doctors.  The doctor will use his or her expert inquiry and assertion techniques to assess the medical situation and make a recommendation for the course of care – based on the onboard equipment available and skill level that the crewmember has acquired through emergency response training.

Medical advice and assistance will be available for any medical event onboard a vessel, regardless of its location or the time of day. Real-time translation services are also available in more than 140 languages.