MedAire Trip Ready 

Travel Risk Management at your fingertips

Your MedAire membership unlocks a library of content to help you make the best travel decisions for you or your company. The MedAire Trip Ready app combines this wealth of information with an easy to use interface you can take with you wherever you go:

  • Assess and mitigate travel and safety risks for crew and passengers on your upcoming trips.
  • Pilots and flight departments can see the medical and travel risk ratings, local time, current weather, and Notams for each destination on their custom dashboard.
  • Pilots, crew and executives alike will appreciate the alert notifications when health and safety risks affect their itinerary.

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Note to MedAire Membership Clients 
MedAire Business Aviation Membership clients will need their MedAire username and password to access the app. Non-MedAire members will need to complete a registration form.  Information displayed in the app is based on user’s membership level.