In-Flight Medical Advice

24/7 Medical Support for Business and General Aviation Clients

MedAire is credited with creating the world’s first global emergency response center for aviation. From Dubai to Dallas, Johannesburg to Juneau, wherever you may fly, MedAire is there

When a medical situation arises in flight, crewmembers have confidence they can immediately speak with an emergency room doctor for advice and assistance.

MedAire is there to help crewmembers prevent medical situations from escalating – or cope with them as they occur.

On the tarmac or in the air, MedAire is there from pre-departure to arrival:

  • Pre-Flight: A resource for crewmembers and ground personnel when there is concern for the wellness of passengers prior to boarding.  Pre-flight assistance helps reduce the risk of a medical event occurring in-flight.
  • In-Flight: MedAire manages thousands of in-flight medical emergencies every year and can facilitate communications in more than 140 languages.  MedAire’s physicians manage every case to clinical standards, including full reporting.  Aircraft with telemedicine devices, such as RDT's Tempus IC, can transmit a passenger's vital signs to MedAire for fast, accurate diagnosis.
  • Post-Flight: Crewmembers and operations benefit from MedAire's global knowledgebase of quality medical resources throughout the world. Guidance is provided for medically appropriate diversion sites as well as the coordination and management of medical response logistics.

MedAire’s physicians are well-equipped and trained to respond to in-flight medical events – even knowing exactly what is available on board should the airline also carry MedAire’s industry-leading medical kits.

No matter where the flight, MedAire is available and ready to assist. 

Medical Kits & Equipment