Hangar Safety Training

Hazardous materials and heavy machinery are part of the hangar environment.

If an accident occurs, it can be serious.  Is your maintenance crew prepared?  Do they know what they should do to minimize injury and reduce risks?

MedAire offers courses to help maintenance personnel and crew identify common hangar hazards, increase hangar safety, and respond to an injury or medical event within the hangar. 

The courses were developed by MedAire in response to the challenges many aviation departments face challenges when adopting safety management practices for the hangar. 

Be Prepared: MedAire One-day Hangar Safety Awareness

Preparation starts with MedAire's two-day Hangar Safety training program.  Our awareness training is designed for aviation maintenance professionals who are exposed daily to work hazards in the hangar setting. This course prepares students to recognize, prevent and respond to sudden medical emergency situations commonly occurring in confined environments.

The course focuses on what it takes to treat a medical or traumatic injury in the first 10 minutes until help arrives.

Benefits You Can Count On

1. Access hands-on, practical medical training with course material adapted to the hangar environment.

2. Recognize, prevent and respond to sudden medical emergency situations commonly occurring in hangar environments.

3. Know your medical equipment, where to find it in the hangar and how to use an AED.

4. Earn certification from the American Heart Association (AHA).  MedAire’s instruction includes AED and CPR modules audited by the AHA.

5. Take advantage of training in the hangar using your own equipment.

6. Conduct a walk-through of your hangar and identify common types of potential risks.

7. Learn directly from aviation and emergency medical professionals who understand both the aircraft and hangar environment.

8. Be confident in a training partner that has cared for aircraft crew for more than 25 years. 

MedAire Two-day Hangar Safety Program

Participate in this expanded Hangar Safety course and earn an OSHA General Industry Certificate.

Earn a U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 10-hour course completion card and fulfill OSHA General Industry Requirements such as:

  • Hazard Communication 
  • Hazardous Material
  • Electrical Safety
  • Walking and Working Surfaces
  • Means of Egress and Fire Protection       
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Noise Exposure