Owner & Operator

No matter where you are, your travel safety network is just one phone call away with MedAire Membership.

MedAire membership follows you wherever you travel – with or without your aircraft.  Your MedAire Membership card links you to an entire team of medical and security experts ready to help you when traveling away from home, including:
  • Medical & security advice for routine and emergency events when traveling
  • Referrals to doctors, specialists and security details
  • Medical appointment arrangements
  • Access to medical clinics operated by International SOS
  • Medical & security evacuation arrangements
  • Medication replacement assistance
  • Assistance with legal referrals and lost documents
  • Referrals to translators and interpreters
Whether for emergencies or minor questions, owners and operators receive 24/7/365 Membership support, even when traveling apart from your aircraft. 

MedAire membership also provides access to MedAire’s world-famous MedLink center, the first aviation-focused medical response center to assist during in-flight medical events.

As a member, you and your passengers may call MedAire’s MedLink to speak with a doctor should a medical event occur during the flight and assist with arranging EMS services at your destination if required.

MedAire can also assist you with ensuring you have adequate medical supplies on board your flight based on the requirements of your passengers and your itineraries.

The well-being of you and your “crew” is our number one priority.