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Medifan Joins MedAire & International SOS

Feb 10, 2016
MedAire News

Enhanced Global Delivery of Travel Risk Mitigation Services to Aviation Industry

Medifan, a training company for medical professionals, announced that it is joining MedAire, the largest global provider of integrated medical and security risk management services for the aviation industry.  

The new relationship will extend the suite of products and services available to Medifan clients, and provide MedAire, an International SOS company, an enhanced presence in Central Europe. Medifan staff will join the MedAire team and Medifan founder, Dr. Edgar Buehrle, will continue as Managing Director of Medifan and assume the new role of Director of Aviation Training for MedAire Europe. 

Founded more than three decades ago, MedAire pioneered the concept of remote medicine with its flagship MedLink service and is now the leading provider of comprehensive aviation-specific health, security and safety assistance, specialty medical kits and equipment, and crew medical training to help clients mitigate their travel risk both on the ground, in flight and at destination. The partnership furthers MedAire’s vision to provide leading aviation specific risk management solutions that meet the evolving needs of their clients.  

“We are very excited to join forces with Medifan, the market leader in aviation medical training in Germany. Medifan’s aviation medical training programs are best in class, creating synergies with MedAire’s existing portfolio.” said Bill Dolny, CEO, MedAire.

Medifan was founded in 1987 in Freiburg, Germany, by Dr. Edgar Buehrle.  The company has strong experience in rescue services and specialises in practice-oriented emergency medical training, with tailor-made training programmes and strong expertise in training airline crew.

“Medifan clients will continue to receive superior, uninterrupted service, and the joining of forces will only enhance what we can offer to clients. We are confident that MedAire has the long-term vision, the reputation within aviation—and the strength of International SOS, the world’s leading medical and security company—to fulfil our vision,” said Dr. Buehrle.

About Medifan

Founded in 1987 in Freiburg, by emergency physicians and educationalists, Medifan provides state of the art treatment of emergency patients by increasing the skills of first responders and medical professionals. The company provides training expertise with a focus on strong medical skills, management of the most common situations, communication and teamwork. Medifan has trained over 25,000 flight crew annually and 20% of all general practioners in Germany through their medical professionals training program.