Disability Awareness Training

Cognizant that passengers with medical issues may be sensitive to differential treatment, MedAire provides a comprehensive suite of services for airline personnel working with passengers with disabilities and special needs. 

Through flexible, skills-based training options, personnel learn the skills and techniques to provide sensitive, proficient care to customers with disabilities and those with special medical requirements. 

MedAire also provides CRO Assistance, a phone-based services for Complaints Resolution Officials. CRO Assistance provides guidance about adequately following Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) regulations, as well as real-time documentation for efficient case handling. 

Complaints Resolution Officials

Annual CRO training is required for carriers to be in compliance with 14 CFR Part 382, Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability in Air Travel, in support of the Air Carrier Access Act. 

MedAire offers training courses worldwide to assist carriers with compliance. In fact, more than 100,000 crewmembers have participated in MedAire’s CRO Training. The course is offered in 7 languages. 

Training Solutions

MedAire's ACAA Regulation Training easily integrates into an airline’s current infrastructure, and is more cost-efficient than developing a training program internally.

The comprehensive training curriculum offers flexible options for workgroups, contractors and vendors and ensure proficiency to every affected workgroup.

  • General Initial Training.  For those who have never received ACAA-related training or have not had training on ACAA rules within two years. 
  • General Recurrent Training.  ACAA recurrent training is recommended annually and is required at least every three years.
  • Skills-based Training.  Addresses specific tasks for customer service, ground operations, reservations, crewmembers and Complaints Resolution Officials.
  • Complaints Resolution Official (CRO) Training.  The training focuses on skills required to successfully resolve conflicts; a more in-depth understanding of the regulations; the responsibilities of both the airline and the passenger with a disability and details on the regulatory reporting procedures.

Flexible Training Delivery Options

24/7 ACAA e-Learning Training

MedAire’s web-based training will help airlines:
  • Meet training requirements for affected employees, vendors and contractors
  • Launch general awareness training without time/expense of IT development
  • Track and report training via MedAire’s learning management system
  • Explain the Rule to new learners as well as those with knowledge of the former Rule
  • Update content on revised regulations as necessary

ACAA e-Learning modules include:

  • General Initial Training
  • General Recurrent Training
  • CRO Training

ACAA Train-the-Trainer

MedAire’s ACAA Train-the-Trainer courses allow airlines to:

  • Easily integrate training into the current infrastructure
  • Interchange Train-the-Trainer modules with MedAire’s e-Learning
  • Be flexible and “mix-and-match” modules as needed

Provide any number of student trainers with tools, resources and skills to deliver ACAA-compliant programs, including:

  • ACAA General Initial and General Recurrent training 
  • Lead specialized skills workshops for affected workgroups, including: customer service, ground operations, reservations and crewmembers 

Training Schedule

Below are a few of our upcoming classes. MedAire provides training around the world. Please contact us to schedule a class convenient for you. Click the course name to request training.