Complaints Resolution Officials

CRO Assist: 24/7 Assistance for your Complaints Resolution Officials

MedAire’s 24/7 CRO Assistance Hotline helps airlines:

  • Enable more passengers with disabilities to travel
  • Improve on-time performance by expediting resolution
  • Provide quick and consistent feedback on initial inquiries
  • Review options and resolve issues, often before they result in a complaint
  • Collect, document and report data according to the Rule
  • Investigate and resolve many complaints within hours
  • Ensure all ACAA rule updates are communicated to the airline

 We know how important it is to provide quality, consistent ’

  • Ensure cases are handled professionally by ACAA experts
  • Deliver assistance in 140+ languages
  • Provide access to experts with 300+ years of combined airline experience
  • Offer a TTY communication service (or equivalent)
  • Collect common data consistently and completely for approval and reporting
  • Provide trend reporting, supporting continuous improvement and training initiatives

About the MedAire CRO Assistants

  • Completed required MedAire’s CRO training, developed with guidance from the DOT
  • Been selected for this role based on their demonstrated ability and experience in preserving the dignity of passengers in challenging situations
  • Experience working with airline passengers during medical situations
  • Expertise in conflict resolution in ACAA-related matters

Complaints Resolution Official (CRO) Training

MedAire’s CRO Training teaches CROs to:

  • Demonstrate thorough understanding of the ACAA rule
  • Describe the role and responsibility of the CRO
  • Explain the DOT complaint process and procedures
  • Apply appropriate conflict resolution techniques
  • Preserve the safety and dignity of individuals with disabilities
  • Demonstrate proficiency in requirements, procedures and proper use of equipment
Our CRO Train-the-Trainer initial course is five days, taught at an airline facility or at fixed base locations.

CRO Recurrent Train-the-Trainer is two days, at your facility.

Training Schedule

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