Passengers with Disabilities

Airlines must provide ACAA regulation (Part 382) training that ensures proficiency to every affected workgroup including crew, gate agents, reservation agents, customer service agents—even airline vendors and contractors. 

With guidance from the DOT, MedAire provides expert ACAA advice and training solutions to help airlines quickly meet regulatory requirements. Developed by professionals with extensive airline experience, our programs include flexible training options and a 24/7 CRO Assistance hotline.

ACAA: U.S. Air Carrier Access Act Compliance Training

ACAA e-Learning 

 MedAire’s ACAA e-Learning programs provide all affected employees, vendors and contractors with an orientation to ACAA regulations. Courses are also available for recurrent, “differences” and CRO training.

ACAA General Training (Initial or Recurrent)

Designed for employees who have never received ACAA-related training or have not had training on ACAA rules within the past two years, this course is also appropriate, on an ongoing basis, for newly hired employees.

Skills Workshop

Each affected workgroup will gain the skills needed to become proficient in the rule. This training addresses the specific tasks carried out by customer service, ground operations, reservations, crewmembers and CROs.

ACAA Train-the-Trainer

Let MedAire’s instructors train your student instructors—whether one or 1,000—at the airline or select locations around the globe. Student instructors will receive a master curriculum CD and student guide, giving them all the tools, resources and skills to deliver ACAA-compliant programs.

Complaints Resolution Official Assistance Service & Training

MedAire assistants are available 24/7 to answer questions within minutes, and provide input so that airline personnel can make educated decisions about their actions. We help them apply the rules with dignity and respect for the passenger with a disability. Finally, we’ll report and track trends so that the source of issues can be identified and remediated.

Complete Training System

Complaints Resolution Official (CRO) Training focuses on the skills required to successfully resolve conflicts by gaining a more in-depth understanding of the regulations. CROs will also learn the responsibilities of both the airline and the passenger with a disability and details on the regulatory reporting procedures.