Operational Security Support

MedAire Aviation Security ensures that you and your team have the right information at the right time to enable you to identify, assess and understand the risks to any flight at all stages of the operation, both in the air and on the ground.

Our consistent communications, online resources, and monthly reports help airlines drive operational excellence, improve customer service and minimize economic loss.

Whether planning flights to low risk destinations or operating on short notice to high risk destinations, MedAire’s security analysis is available 24/7 and delivered based on your team’s need. With MedAire's Operational Security solution, you will have access to:

  • Unbiased, detailed threat information on any airspace around the world

  • Analysis of airspace restrictions and warnings issued by governing aviation organizations and relevant aviation agencies

  • Comprehensive analysis on threats to aircraft and aircrew operating into airports around the world, including an overview of travel safety, logistics, and medical standards

  • Assessment of locations to which carriers are required to operate at short notice

  • Reports immediately issued in response to incidents or events of significant concern to the aviation industry

  • Actionable security advice on the destinations you operate to to mitigate any risks and ascertain cost, and more
  • Aviation Insight Briefs and Webinars on subjects of significant concern to the aviation industry, usually after the initial high tempo of an event and focusing on the causes, effects and potential longer term impact on operators.

Get advice on demand from MedAire’s security team, backed by integrated aviation and regional expertise.