Medical Equipment Details

Equipment & Accessories  

MedAire supplies the world’s largest airlines with life-saving equipment and support services to ensure passengers and crew receive quality, accurate care. 

MedAire Medical Kits are built for timely, accurate assistance for both routine and emergency medical events. We offer a full line of pre-packaged and custom Emergency Medical Kits, First Aid Kits, Universal Precaution Kits, AEDs, and other medical equipment used on board aircraft.

All medical kits are designed and built following MedAire’s ISO 9001 standards.

MedAire medical kits are an integral part of the complete medical solution, including first-aid training and in-flight access to emergency room doctors on the ground.

  • First Aid Kit (FAK) - This kit can be configured to meet the requirements of FAR 121.803(c)(1) or AMC1 CAT.IDE.A.220. This kit contains basic bandaging supplies.
  • Emergency Medical Kit (EMK) - This kit can be configured to meet the requirements of FAR 121.803(c)(3) or AMC1 CAT.IDE.A.225. It includes prescription medications and is intended for use by medical professionals or by crew under the direction of the captain or a MedLink doctor.
  • Enhanced Emergency Medical Kit (EEMK) - This kits meets the requirements of FAR 121.803(c)(3) and includes extra quantities of important supplies. It is primarily used by carriers with long-haul routes and is routinely enhanced with equipment based on data analysis of medical events.
  • Universal Precautions/Biohazard Kit - Contains supplies to protect people from bodily fluids, safely contain, clean up/dispose of suspected hazardous materials (i.e. needles, fluids etc.)
  • Passenger Restraint Kit - Provides implements for restraining passengers who pose a threat.
  • Passenger Service Kit - This kit has extra adhesive bandages, aspirin, Tylenol, antacid, etc. (Carriers carry this kit so crewmembers do not have to open the kits that are required for aircraft operation for simple/common-need items)
  • Personal First Aid Kit - For crew to carry in their own personal luggage. 

  • Passenger Transfer Equipment  - The right passenger transfer equipment may assist with U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) “equivalent alternative” proposals to some aircraft movable armrest requirements, while MedAire’s comprehensive equipment and training solutions may help affected airlines comply with the U.S. Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) 14 CFR Part 382 (Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability in Air Travel)

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