Distribution & Global Capabilities

Best-of-breed medical kits, operational flexibility and cost-effective solutions now available for global airlines.

MedAire has the distribution facilities and the capacity to support commercial airlines around the world.

Carriers benefit from a comprehensive medical solution, combining best-of-breed medical kits with trusted telemedicine support, while crew and passengers enjoy the confidence of quality, accessible medical assistance.

MedAire’s medical kit capabilities in Europe and Asia assist airlines with improving operational efficiencies, including supplementing a carrier’s existing in-house kit operation with low cost pharmaceutical products, stock availability and service levels.

Medical kits are designed to comply with regional regulations and may be customized to address the unique needs of an airline.

Backed by more than two decades of in-flight medical event data harnessed from MedAire’s MedLink service and an expert panel of aviation medical, regulatory, and operational experts, MedAire uses fact-based data to provide airlines with the optimum medical kits for their aircraft.

MedAire’s proprietary database of in-flight medical events is the only database of its kind, representing real in-flight events from multiple airlines. MedAire is an IATA Strategic Partner and a Corporate Member of AsMA (Aerospace Medical Association).

MedAire’s production and packaging facilities are ISO 9001 certified.