Crew Health & Security Support

Whether it’s the reassurance of sound advice or lifesaving evacuation support, you need a partner with the right medical and security resources to assist your crew.

Our commitment is to provide quality, timely, and cost-effective health and security solutions for your on-duty crewmembers.

The MedAire team is available 24/7 to assist crewmembers with health and security concerns.

Medical Expertise

Extensive remote medical management experience and assessment skills allow MedAire’s medical team to resolve many situations over the telephone – helping an airline avoid unnecessary costs while optimizing employee productivity and delivering quality care.

Should MedAire recommend a crewmember see a medical professional, we will arrange a visit with a qualified medical provider within the MedAire network and ensure guarantee of payment.

Crewmembers are confident quality care is available wherever they travel, and that fees are managed by MedAire. The airline is confident appropriate care is provided at a reasonable cost and with efficient case management by a partner with aviation operations expertise.

Security Expertise

Carriers rely on MedAire’s vast informational resources to mitigate risks. The security team and MedAire Portal are available 24/7, delivering the information and advice security departments need to mitigate risks that may affect crewmembers’ security while on duty travel.

Crewmembers have peace of mind that there is a global network of providers available to assist with the myriad unplanned events a crewmember may face. Whether requiring translation or interpretation services, legal support, or assistance with lost documents, MedAire is there to help.

Should crewmembers be concerned for their safety, personal security recommendations are a phone call away. With the support of Control Risks, the world’s leading security risk management firm, MedAire will coordinate security, logistics, and transportation for crew should an evacuation be recommended.

MedAire security teams are regionally-based, assigned to geographic regions to ensure extensive expertise in the political climate, current events, cultures and customs for their areas of responsibility. The security experts apply this intelligence to provide the most appropriate advice and assistance to carriers and their crew.

MedAire Portal

• 24/7 information and assistance
• Independent, vetted reporting
• Pre-travel advice
• Analysis of current events
• Timely email alerts for areas of interest

MedAire’s Comprehensive Crew Support delivers operational excellence, managed costs, and crew confidence. 

The MedAire Crew Support Network

The MedAire Comprehensive Crew Support program was developed by airline industry insiders familiar with the challenges inherent in assuring the availability of adequate care for crewmembers on a global level.

The MedAire Global Crew Support network of nurses, doctors, security experts, and logistics personnel is available 24/7.