Crew First Aid Training

Programs are designed to give cabin crew the knowledge and skills to recognize and manage in-flight medical emergencies.

Let MedAire Train your Trainers

Did you know that neurological events – such as fainting – are the leading cause of in-flight calls to MedAire’s MedLink? Gastrointestinal events come in a close second.

MedAire's First Aid for In-Flight Emergencies Train-the-Trainer course provides the information your instructors need to train their flight crew. Carriers will receive lesson plans and course presentations and free information updates with the two-year MedAire Agreement Plan.  There’s no curriculum redesign or maintenance required on your part!

In addition to the most current American Heart Association (AHA) and European Resuscitation Council (ERC) guidelines for CPR and AED use, your instructors will learn altitude physiology, in-flight emergencies/scenarios, travel health, traumatic emergency procedures, how to call MedAire's MedLink, and how to use the on-board medical resources to successfully handle an in-flight medical event.

Because MedAire speaks the airline language and operates in the airline environment daily, we are familiar with the type of equipment you have on your aircraft and where it is stowed, as well as standard airline protocols. We review this information with you before we train your trainers, ensuring a truly customized approach to airline and passenger safety.