Dr Paulo Alves

Paulo M. Alves, MD, MSc, FAsMA

Global Medical Director, Aviation Health

As Global Medical Director of Aviation Health, Paulo Magalhães Alves, MD, MSc is responsible for providing technical guidance and analysis for MedAire’s MedLink medical advisory service. He also monitors trends in medicine and technology and authors papers, articles and presentations on medical topics affecting remote medicine for MedAire’s aviation and maritime clients.

Dr. Alves is a highly sought-after speaker and author for industry associations and his commentary has appeared in various media outlets, including The New York Times, The Guardian, MSNBC.com, Dockwalk, The Crew Report, International Travel Insurance Journal, AeroSafety World, Aviation International News and more.

Prior to joining MedAire, Dr. Alves, a cardiologist, worked as Medical Director from 1993 to 2006 for Varig Brazilian Airlines, managing virtually every aspect of commercial aviation medicine that concerned crew and passenger health. Medical initiatives under Dr. Alves’ supervision included the creation of preparedness plans for flight crew immunization, cosmic radiation, in-flight medical emergencies, medical clearance for ill passengers, crew fatigue management, aircraft disinfection, bioterrorism, DVT, SARS and pandemics.

He also worked as a consultant for the National Union of Airlines with the Brazilian Health Authorities, advising on traveler’s health issues—including the Review of the International Health Regulations and the National Preparedness Plan for the Risk of Influenza Pandemics.

In 2014, Dr. Alves received the 2014 Annual Scientific Award for outstanding research contributions to the Society of Critical Care Medicine as co-author of the abstract: “Pediatric Fatalities at 30,000 feet: Characterizing Pediatric Deaths on Commercial Airline Flights.” 

In May 2010, the Airlines Medical Directors Association awarded Dr. Alves the George J. Kidera Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Aviation Medicine, and in May 2011, he was named a Fellow of the Aerospace Medical Association. In 2012, the Aerospace Medical Association awarded Dr. Alves the Boothby-Edwards Award for Outstanding Research and Clinical Practice in Aviation Medicine.

Dr. Alves is actively involved in the aerospace medical community and organizations including:

  • Aerospace Medical Association (since 1993 – Fellow and currently Chair of the Air Transport Medicine Committee)
  • International Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine (since 2004)
  • Airlines Medical Directors Association (since 1997 – Past President)
  • Ibero-American Association of Aerospace Medicine (since 2011)
  • Brazilian Society of Aerospace Medicine (President 2003-2006)
  • International Maritime Health Association
  • American Telemedicine Association
  • IATA Medical Advisory Group (2002 to 2006)